Religious & Spiritual

Ganga Seva Nidhi is equally involved in the religious and spiritual field. Under its patronage regular Vedic Yajna is performed every day at sunrise at Dashashwamedh Ghat with a pious vow (Sankalp) for the betterment of the mankind and protection of the Nature. Similarly, at the same Dashashwamedh Ghat, Ganga Aarti (prayer with light) is performed dai;y in the evening after sunset, followed by prayer, bhajan (devotional songs), and discourse which are inspiring. The performance of Yajna and Aarti of Mother Ganga signifies our obeisance to the Nature Goddess Ganga, implying our gratefulness for the succor it gives to the mankind.

Besides, the Nidhi take active part in celebrating some important religious functions, with a view to bring peace, health and happiness in the society. The four such functions are:

  • Dev Deepawali Mahotsava ( on the day of Kartik Purnima)
  • Ganga DDashara Mahotsava ( celebrated in commemoration of the descent of the divine Ganga on the earth.)
  • Maha Shivratri Mahotsava ( marriage day of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati).

The purpose of organizing these festivals is to mobilise the masses and arouse in them an awareness for collective work for the society, and for the protection of the environment and heritage of the city of Varanasi. Atpresent, the Nidhi is trying to develop Dashaswamedh Ghat and Rajendra Prasad Ghat as ideal Ghats with cooperation of Hotel Taj Ganges, Varanasi.

GSN makes a plea to all citizens to extend their co-operation to GSN in its noble mission. For participation in Ganga Pujan and Aarti, please contact to GSN office.

Organisation Info

D 17/111 Shri Ram Mandir Dashashwamedh Ghat (Annexed to Dr. R.P. Ghat), Varanasi – 221001
E-mail :
Phone No: +91 542 2454454


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